White Moth “Smiles Warm Red Light” Video Primiere

What do Atari Teenage Riot and Blut Aus Nord have in common? Uh, hard to tell, but Sailors With Wax Wings and Pyramids mastermind R. Loren knows the connection and would probably wax scholastically — existential attributes reinforced by repetition — about it. Turns out when R. Loren isn’t busy with bridging shoegaze/post-punk and black/doom metal, or picking and dropping off his daughter (see his Day in the Life of… Part I here), he’s break beating and corpse paint wearing like he’s downtown Olso in White Moth. Actually, he’s from Northeast Texas, but the dude jettisons quality genre-smashing combos without fail. Not that geographic location has anything to do with musical perspective or output, but I digress.
Enjoy Decibel’s exclusive premiere of White Moth’s “Smiles Warm Red Light” video.

** Pick up White Moth’s self-titled debut here.