Brain Banger “Procession” Streaming MP3

When we’re not harpooning our ears with death (mostly), grind (somewhat mostly), doom (only Albert and Scott Koerber), and black metal (lately mostly Albert and Bruno Guerreiro), we’re rocking our argyle socks off to bands like Brain Banger. Featuring 2/3 of Young Widows, Louisville, Kentucky’s (un)fortunate sons have things tuned just right to treat — for lack of a better word — our pronounced Extreme Metal Stress Disorder (EMSD). More fun after the jump…
We were so “banged” by Brain Banger, we asked vocalist/bassist Nick Thieneman to tell us about the power trio’s new noise. “We wrote Munsoned in a house most of us felt like we were stuck in. The basement where we played was more of a hallway, covered in bits of carpet, insulation and spiders. Our tours around this time were plagued and disastrous, we barely made it back as a band. Then one of us said, I’d sooner get munsoned out here in the middle of nowhere than lose face in front of my friends and family. It stuck.”

So, since Hawthorne Street are cool and sent us a MP3 to share, we figured, well, we’ll share it. Enjoy the tuneage.


** Brain Banger’s Munsoned EP is out on Hawthorne Street Records. Click here to order.