Picture of the Day 10-20-10

It’s no secret that Decibel writers spend lots of time looking at pictures of cats on the internets. The December 2009 issue featured the Cutest Kittehs in Metal story. We’re disciples of I Can Has Cheezburger and Cute Overload. When I stumbled upon this picture of a 4-month-old European Burmese kitten at some ridiculous cat costume party, I couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance to dB’s recent Shagrath cover. Both creatures are of indeterminate gender. Both sport wigs of long black hair. Both are very dramatic. Let’s do a little rundown of the action.

Shagrath: Abrahadabra
Kitteh: Cleopatreh

Shagrath: Helmet by Cthulhu
Kitten: Helmet by Petco

Shagrath: “Vengeance is mine!”
Kitten: “I pooped on the red carpet”

Shagrath: Has a band
Kitten: Has a cheezburger

Shagrath: Applies corpsepaint every morning
Kitteh: Was born with these markings

Shagrath: Porked a lot of chicks
Kitteh: Has squired three purebred litters and his sperm is worth thousands

Shagrath: Dimmu Borgir
Kitteh: Gimmeh Burger

Kitteh: Has fancy friend
Shagrath: No friend

Shagrath: Wants to donkey punch you
Kitteh: Wants to donkey punch you