Strife Up Your Life

The first time I went to CMJ was, I dunno, eight years ago when I lived in Seattle. It coincided with Halloween, as usual, and having little petty cash or patience for costuming, I decided to take the super-innovative “Dawn of the Dead zombie” approach. The only problem was, instead of mixing my $2.99 Duane Reade makeup gray, I mixed it soot black. On my way to whatever forgettable horseshit I thought was good back then, I wound up at a corner somewhere on Houston with a cop and homeless dude, where the following exchange occurred.
COP: Hey man, what are you supposed to be?
HOMELESS DUDE: I know… he a N*GGA!!!

Moral of the story: CMJ sucks. But on Wednesday, October 20, it might suck a little less (if you’re not dressed like Roger Sterling at his wedding reception. Our buddies at Tee Pee records will co-curate “True Till Def” at the Mercury Lounge, with a completely sick crossover one-off: Strife (!!!), Disembodied, Iron Age, Earthless, Priestess and Naam. Hardcore vets and stoner jamz, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria! If you’re down, RSVP for FREE right here, or email [email protected] The only catch is you need to be 21. Fuck yeah.