Heavy Mondays

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert: As you can perhaps infer from the tastefully designed flyer above, Repulsion mastermind Scott Carlson and I are starting what promises to be a sufficiently killer DJ night at Footsie’s in Los Angeles (2640 N. Figueroa, 90065), mere blocks from Decibel‘s L.A. Bureau. Naturally, we will be spinning only the finest in heavy metal, heavy psych, NWOBHM, glam, cock rock and 70s/80s hard rock. The shit officially hits the fan at 10pm sharp this Monday, July 26th, with guest DJs Tom Neely (Henry & Glenn Forever, I Will Destroy You) and Hydra Head honcho Juan Perez (a.k.a. Deep White Chocolate). Admission is free and drinks are cheap. If people show up–I’m looking at you–it’ll become a regular event with an all-star cast of guest DJs.
Heavy Mondays Bonus Contest: The first five people to correctly identify the band in the above flyer will win a Heavy Mondays downloadable mixtape assembled by Doctor Carlson and yours truly. Send your guesses to [email protected]