The 8-bit Pit

If you’ve already seen the Super Mario Castle Theme covered by Death Metal band Nylithia, you don’t have to brag. Many in the metal world have already enjoyed the Canadian band crushing it old school while Mario does some sort of jump squat headbang I haven’t seen pulled off since the ’80s. Now it’s not like there aren’t other metal video game covers but the reason Nylithia has had so much success is because they fucking mean it and pull it off incredibly well. Even without the dude headbanging with controller, the song itself is pretty righteous. But if these guys aren’t going to create a sequel isn’t it time we got some quality metal bands to cover some proper NES songs? If The Advantage can pull it off for the indie rock set, why isn’t there some band called Destiny of an Emperor or Wrath of the Black Manta that makes a mint playing brutal versions of the Rygar theme or the opening level of Battletoads? I can’t be the only one here who wants a license to print free money. So, what shredworthy NES songs would get your blood boiling and opposable thumbs violently twitching?