Sepultura – “Roots”


The making of Sepultura’s “Roots”

released: 1996

label: Roadrunner


December 16, 1996: It’s still an official day of mourning for hardcore Sepultura fans. After finishing a set at the London’s Brixton Academy, the Brazilian quartet headed backstage where an explosive band argument culminated with popular frontman Max Cavalera excusing himself from the group for good. But before their messy divorce, these Seps left us with Roots, their final creative breath drawn form a intriguing mix of nu metal methodologist Ross Robinson, native Brazilian tribes, and rhythmic underground extreme metal. In the aftermath, Max Cavalera formed the nu metal-flavored Soulfly, while the remaining Sepultura members regrouped with new frontman Derrick Green, but neither faction has reaped the critical praise or commercial success that Roots afforded them. For the first time anywhere since their split, Decibel tracked down Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera, Paulo Pinto (né Jr.) and Andreas Kisser to find out what made Roots bloody great.

—Albert Mudrian

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