Dave Mustaine releases another thing worse than ‘Risk’

By: shane.mehling Posted in: uncategorized On: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012


Endless excretor Dave Mustaine decided it was about time to unleash another turdlet in the punch bowl of public discourse by affirming his fuzzy knowledge of history, geography and conspiracism.

(If you go back a little you’ll hear the equally incredible assertion that Rick Santorum could be the next JFK.)

So yes, Mustaine is a birther but also seems too confused to understand exactly what that means.

I’m not actually surprised that Mustaine has similar beliefs to my e-mail forward-loving great aunt, as they now look strikingly similar, but you’d think there’d be at least one person from his past wily enough to talk Mustaine into a modicum of reason. My aunt only has cats and an Elvis shrine to consult with.

As someone who’s preached about the Train of Consequences, it doesn’t seem like Mustaine is too keen on hedging his bets and not saying things that will alienate his ever-shrinking fanbase but I have a question: If Mustaine was an insufferable drunk asshole in the 80s and is now an insufferable right-wing Republican, was there any point in the middle where he was actually a decent guy?

  • Dave

    The writer sounds like he simply has something against Dave Mustaine and endeavors to knock him down a notch. Maybe he’s one of those fassionable fans that thinks Metallica is better than Megadeth as if it were the Pittsburgh Steeler’s vs the Baltimore Ravens.
    Whatever. I think this guys knowledge on Dave Mustaine’s fan base is about as fuzzy as he says DM’s political knowledge is…

    • J E

      What in the fuck are you attempting to say?

      How could anyone with the ability to use critical thought and logic have THAT takeaway from both the article and the interview?

      • Jan

        Are you that much of a fucking idiot?

        • CS

          I must concur. The writer and media in general wants to make him look like he’s nuts(comparing him to your aunt the cat lady)…maybe he is, but who gives a fuck? He writes kick ass riffs. How many other artists have eccentric views and beliefs? That’s also what makes them interesting as artists. This is Metal people. I guess being a “right-wing Republican” means you can’t be a decent person? You’re a close minded asshole. If you don’t like his music don’t listen to it, but you don’t have to bash his character.

          • Someasshole

            “I guess being a “right-wing Republican” means you can’t be a decent person?” Correct.

          • Ryan

            I feel sorry for incredibly shallow people such as yourself.

          • BoneYard

            Every time a Republican opens their mouths (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Dave Mustaine, etc) it seems that they just look like idiots.

          • moot

            It just seems that way to you because all of your friends tell you it does. Thinking for yourself is hard.

          • CS

             Just for the record, I’m definitely NOT a “rightwing Republican”, you however are definitely a douchebag. What are you like 14?

          • Gnarlk

             i think ol’ megadave has been given the benefit of the doubt for way too long now. we’re supposed to be open minded about what he says, but i’m doubting he’d do the same when it comes to any opinion that’s contrary to his. of course, he can bash gays, immigrants and whatever group is a “threat” to his white alpha male status, but as long as he writes killer riffs (which i find debatable), all is forgiven. whatever. megadeth always sucked and that will never change.

          • CS

            When did he bash gays? He said he was a Christian and was against gay marriage.
            They asked the question. He answered it. That’s like asking a Muslim what they think of bacon. Oh…sorry…did I offend your PC sensibilities? You haters want to talk about Christians but you’re all sheep to the PC nation. Ever heard of Black Metal? I’m thinking it might offend a couple of people. I guess we should just discount all of the great BM bands because of their views too. Again…this is Metal. Go read articles about Dave Mathews or Bono. I’m sure they’ll give you what you want. 

          • CS

             And no…I’m not a Christian either. Just tired of pussies.m/

          • Gnarlk

            you may neither be a christian or a republican, but you’re a ridiculous cliché. if you’re tired of pussies, why are you still listening to megadeth in this day and age?

  • GuardianOfTheBlind

    Oh Dave Mustaine, it’s a shame such a twat makes such good riffs

  • Noodles

    Dave Mustaine has ALWAYS been an asshole.  Not new news, and it doesn’t change the fact that he has three and a half good albums under his belt, so who cares?  After all, he certainly doesn’t come close to Richie Blackmore in the self-absorbed asshole musician scale.

    • Poo Reed

      Seriously, the guy has a few pretty good 20+ year old songs under his belt and precious little more. You’d think a guy who parlayed a thimble’s worth of talent into a three decade career would be grateful instead of being a loud annoying asshole. But no.

  • Feedbakfiend

    Let’s not forget that time Dave wiped the floor with his fellow contestants on Rock N Roll Jeopardy!–who included a befuddled George Clinton and an equally clueless Moon Unit Zappa. He must be a smart dude! Just look at all the stupid shit he’s done! And now, like many musicians/actors/whathaveyou who reach a certain stage in their life/careers when they feel they can spout off on topics they have no fucking clue about that people will actually take them seriously. At least, that’s what they truly believe. Just like a simpleton will truly believe some benevolent GAWD will someday come down and judge the righteous and the wicked, and whisk them up to eternal life of endless bundt cake and milk. Get real Dave. 

    Saturday Night Palsy, my ass. See ya at church, schmuck!

  • Poo Reed

    Mustaine will do or say anything if he thinks it will get him the attention he believes he was cheated out of when Metallica dumped him way, way back in 1983.

  • Dhruvoz

    Oh! Instead of pointing out irrelevant  articles , just think for a second can you achieve even half of what mustaine has.Fuck you haters.

    • Dhruvoz


      • Gnarlk

         you used the word haters. please remove yourself from the discussion immediately.

  • Forfucksake

    As someone who’s talking about people who suposedly says shit shure got a shit mouth this entreviewer… 

  • Ring of fire

    Tattoo-free, enemy-free, thinks Mr. sweater-vest Santorum is cool and Hawaii isn’t in the U.S.? Why is Mustaine even given a forum in which to open his mouth other than to sing? Dwindling fanbase indeed, – 1 more Dave.

  • Hinkel70

    It’s funny that ol’ Dave wants to find a Kafka reality, but Obama isn’t all that. Name one right-wing born-again metal musician who has done anything controversial against SOCIETY in a cultural way and I stand correct. I don’t mind if he’s speaking mandarin Chinese with a lisp, but as long as he’s aware he has the capability to influence a lot of people into tools. And that’s the biggest problem. It’s the same as with George Lucas. When no one cared about his ideological views he made good products, but when he realised people listened to him, his movie ideas and scripts became ridiculous.

  • cdee

    Seriously? All these “Dave Mustaine are crazy” articles on Metal sites are getting a bit much. Who the F cares if he’s a born again birther or against gay marriage? The guy is a legend for his music, not for what he says.

    • Hinkel70

      The actions of a person affects the way he is remembered. I will take into account all of the gibberish Mustaine has said over the years along with his musical contribution. In the long run, I don’t know if it will be a positive outcome or not…

  • Tina