Ever get so shit-faced that you think carving “Fuck the World” (or at least “FTW”) into your shoulder with a razor blade is a pretty sweet idea? Laura Pleasants, guitarist/vocalist of Savannah dirt-metal commandos Kylesa (pronounced Ky-less-a), feels your pain. Literally. On a day off from their recent tour with High on Fire, Kylesa played Lincoln, Nebraska, with fellow tourmates/drinking buddies Planes Mistaken for Stars. To celebrate, everybody started pounding themselves in the face with booze. “We were staying with a friend of one of the Planes dudes, and it was just one of those nights where there was lots of whiskey,” Pleasants recalls. “Some of the guys in Planes have homemade FTW tattoos that they gotten a while ago, and we had all been joking about getting them. Then someone went to the store to get razor blades and ink. Brandon [Baltzley], our drummer, drew ‘FTW’ on my arm with a magic marker and then got the ink and razor blades out. He was really drunk, so why I let him do it is beyond me. We didn’t realize how much pressure he was putting on my arm, and it ended up being really deep. I had been drinking every night for weeks, so my blood was really thinned out. I woke up the next morning with my shirt stuck to my arm and blood everywhere. It didn’t look so good. The ink didn’t even take, but the scar is pretty fucking burly—especially the W is, like, gouged. Luckily, the dude had antibacterial soap in his house.”

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