Reverend Bizarre


From chaos comes order. Or, in Reverend Bizarre’s case, from interpersonal turmoil will emerge heavier-than-granite slabs of traditional doom metal. Three distinct, polarized and playfully mad personalities clash within the Finnish outfit. Guitarist Peter Vicar—the group’s self-professed “family man,” complete with wife, kids and real job—weighs in on his bandmates: “Albert Witchfinder, our bassist and singer, is a manic depressive. He used to take pills for it. He’s a perfectionist and a character. He hears things no one else hears—which can get on your nerves.”  The trio is completed by Earl of Void, drummer and international man of mystery. “No one knows what to think of Earl,” Vicar muses. “He is quiet and reserved, but he is also an activist and doesn’t eat meat or drink beer. He’s what you’d call ‘straight edge’ in hardcore.” Earl has actually served time in the big house; he was jailed for refusing to enter the army, a crime in Finland.  These eccentric personalities come together as a power trio, worshipping respectfully at the First Church of the Riff. They recorded their latest sermon from the gospel of doom, II: Crush the Insects, during a period of relative calm—when they weren’t trying to rip each other’s heads off.

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