Despised Icon


In the metal world, where debuting at the right time can be as important as having mad shredding skills or a cool logo, arriving ahead of the pack is sometimes as bad as showing up late to the party. Just ask Turmoil or Exhorder—or, more recently, deathcore pioneers Despised Icon. They figured out that combining old-school death metal with metalcore sounded pretty cool back in 2002, well before the current crop of MySpace bands, but they’ve had to watch as relative newcomers like Job for a Cowboy and Suicide Silence get all the attention. Vocalist Alexandre Erian figures it’s better to go for quality over quantity, though: “There are a lot of bands hopping on this trend—I sort of hate talking about this as a trend, because we’ve been around since 2002, and I think we’ll be around after the trend—but there are a lot of bands that do this shit right now, and we are always trying to be one step ahead of the game, and I think this record does that.”

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