Full Album Stream: Serpens Luminis – ‘Bright Euphoria’

After forming in 2015, and contributing three songs to a three-way split with a couple of fellow bands from the Switzerland underground, now Serpens Luminis will reveal their full length album, Bright Euphoria. 

Deeply occult and darkly spiritual, Bright Euphoria offers listeners three tracks/twenty-eight minutes of swirling and vibrant, tightly slayed black death chaos. Between the intoxicating melodies, the heady atmosphere, the cosmic muscle, Serpens Luminis’ debut makes for a highly engaging listen. In fact, Bright Euphoria will demand immediate replays, as irresistible as it dense. Those who seek the flame which burns black will revel in Serpens Luminis’ skillful handling of those hidden forces. 

“The Death of the Sun above us makes the Fire in our Hearts burn like a thousand Pyres,” claim Serpens Luminis. “As we sink into the dark days of the Cycle, Decibel Magazine reveals the full stream of Bright Euphoria, spreading the Sparks of our Devotion that will nourish the coming Ekpyrosis. Put your ears to our new Opus and share it at the four Corners of the Creation.”

Bright Euphoria

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