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world under blood

Until very recently – we’re talking a few minutes ago – I wasn’t even sure if I had previously heard of World Under Blood. Heavy metal and all its many subgenres and permutations has existed for 40 some-odd years now and the use of the words “world” and “blood” in band names, song titles, lyrics and album names reached critical mass a long time ago.

Well, whaddya know? It turns out World Under Blood features within its ranks CKY’s Deron Miller and Tim Yeung, who you think would be laying low for a spell, trying to downplay his partipation in this mess. The band is now signed to Nuclear Blast and have their debut album called Tactical set for release on July 26th. Here, we present exclusive streaming of lead single “Dead and Still In Pain” which is loaded with twists on the melodic death metal sound and will probably someday compete for an award for having some of the most intelligible vocals in any category of extreme metal.

04 Dead And Still In Pain by Decibel Magazine

  • BillyBob
    • Ruinedmachines

      it’s on the album, they mustve made an error on that site.

  • Brian Kessler

    The uniqueness of this band is arguable based on the songs I have heard so far…I mean, I like it, it is solid stuff!  Either way, I am probably going to get it just for Yeung’s drumming!  The man is a beast!

  • Glorious Johnson


  • guest

     This is so pointless. There is no reason for it to have the death metal aspects/drumming.  They sound completely out of place and add nothing to the music. Yes Yeung is a sick drummer, but in this case the drumming actually takes  away from an otherwise good song. Deron could have just tastefully added alittle of those heavy vox to CKY and it would have been fine. Tim Yeung needs to just stick with Morbid Angel

  • Nickell

    His vocals are killer

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is this??!! Awful music, complete rubbish.
    Make decent music instead of selling out. And get yourself a pair of balls and a good dose of honesty.

    • Nickell

      This wasn’t made for faggots like you.

    • Nickell

      This wasn’t made for faggots like you.

    • Louis-Philippe Denis

      Selling out??? … lol… you’re a funny guy.