Exclusive – Living Fields: “Glacial Movements”

Violins. In metal that shit is real hard to justify.
But honestly, when it comes to how Chicago prog-doom experts Living Fields are able to have these underappreciated instruments scrape at their strings, there’s enough furious noise that it really does seem okay. It also helps that “Glacial Movements,” off the exceptional Running Out of Daylight full-length, has enough hooks and trench-digging chugs that throwing in some mandolin would’ve probably been acceptable.

The band is definitely old school but there’s enough rock to not only set the stage for some well-placed orchestration but generate a chorus that would make Rob Halford bow his bald head in admiration.

This approach to metal is overblown and melodramatic with too many bands, but give this until 2:50 and see if you’re not on the edge of your seat, desperate to know what these guys are going to do next.

Living Fields: “Glacial Movements” by Decibel Magazine