STREAMING: Morbid Angel “Nevermore”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, May 9th, 2011

Morbid Angel. Photo by Alex Solca

Anticipation is a strange thing, man. Since frontman David Vincent re-joined longstanding death metallers Morbid Angel in 2004, fans from Chicago to the outermost regions of space have looked forward to the follow-up to non-David Vincent fronted Heretic. Actually, not just looked forwarded to, but debated endlessly and heatedly on Internet forums, in livingrooms, and at concerts. Just what would Morbid Angel 2011 sound like. A continuation of Heretic? Some kind of throwback homage to Domination? Or something entirely new? Well, folks, here’s one more tune, in the otherworldly form of “Nevermore”, for you to debate endlessly and heatedly about.

Give it a listen and sound off here and on our Facebook page. We know you, like us, have an opinion on Morbid Angel 2011.

Morbid Angel – Nevermore by Decibel Magazine

** Morbid Angel’s new album, Illud Divinum Insanus, is out June 7th, 2011. Pre-order it here.

  • Carlo Dela Cruz


  • Joe

    Nikki Sixx looks great

    • Mario Bava

      Good point:)

  • Eatmygroin


    • Herp

      Exactly what I’m thinking. Save your monies and get the new Hate Eternal record instead. Rutan’s compositions are much better than this.

      • Wor

        Actully even better than  , Hate Eternal is STeve Tuckers new thing , NADER SADEK, full album stream on decibel here, fukin sick shit!!! kills both HATE ETERNAL and MA 

  • Sune Vriden

    Sounds better than the huge turd that was “Heretic”, but not by much…

  • hATE-eR

    It’s hard to tell by just one track what the whole album will be like, but I do like it. I think a true og MA would include Pete AND Richard Brunelle…

  • skoob

    Looks like DV needs some Illud Divinum Insitups.

  • Tam Tam

    This makes me happy in the pants place

  • Scott Frank

    Goddamn, that kick is waaaay to clicky. It’s a kick drum, not a click drum, Tim.

  • jonesy

    way to “broaden the horizons of extreme music” guys.

  • Toxic-Graveyard

    Yeah prob not worth the $225.00 pre-order super evil set. Seriously who would pay that kinda dough for fucking record? Oh yeah and they totally look like Motley Crue.

  • Agressorot

    bi-polar feelings hate it… love it…. hey its Trey and his amazing guitar work… “NEVERMOOOREE” go fucking away bring back Mike Browning or Steve Tucker… drums unnatural sound bring back analog mixing… fuck this is how to make something to shit on your legacy as one if not the greatest band in your genre but still to sound kinda good and then take the rest of the crap down…

  • Lluvia de Metal

    Sounds Great…….

  • Jack4568

    Why does
    Destructhor look like he’s from Mortal Kombat?

  • Fon0090

    They totally look like what they are : one of the biggest and most inventive death metal bands ever. No matter what you say douchebags, it’s all about THE MUSIC.

    • Hades Rising

      ….Aaaaand now after listening that biiiiiiig pile of crap called Illud Divimvm Insanvs you wanna kill yourself.

  • Whyte Groovin

    back to normality for morbid angel after the too mid tempo oriented ” gateways ” and the very adventurous if not confused ” heretic ” david vincent is still in a good vocal shape as ever !!! nothing new but it follows the path of ” domination ” the last good album with mr vincent still ” formula fatal to the flesh ” with chris tucker was the hell of a technical and brutal album through !!! regis 777 whyte

    • ur an idiot

      Dumb ass david vincent wasn’t on formulas

      • tmoney

        he never said that. Love the irony in your name btw

    • Guest

      Chris Tucker? He must have sang on that album in between filming  Rush Hour.

  • Morbid Shark


    Quoth the Raven?

  • Sean McCullough

    What a hilarious band picture. You can’t really look tough or evil with a shirtless Asian dude hanging out with you. Where is Pete?

    • Elnozzo

      my thoughts exactly…

  • Sanchezyvan

     Great song i can’t wait the new album !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Simmins


  • Sdfgs

    sounds pretty good, we’ll see though…. 

  • Sic66crush

    Second song I have heard, not as good as  existo Vulgore but I am really looking forward to this album and seeing them with David Vincent again. I agree the Box set is pricey, it looks fucking amazing but in this shit economy $200 for a set is steep. Either way I will buy this on the 7th!!!

  • Snagglepuss

    Remember this is streaming and the production will not sound good at all. When You play is on you 100 watt system with two real speakers you’ll be blown away. David sounds more pronounced in his vocal approach than ever before. the drumming is sick as it was with Divine Heresy. The streaming kills it though. Some of us are still Death Metal Weenies for life in our old age and are dying to hear the rest of this. 

  • Rad

     this is fucking retarded. awesome when Vincent shuts up, though.

  • some dude

    Well I for one think this song kills. It’s great to have David Vincent back -his vocals have so much power. It’s not quite the same without Pete, but Yeung does a great job. Actually he probably has more chops than Pete, but he doesn’t have that same vibe. And someone really should have told him to button up his short and get his hand off his belt buckle… dude looks like a total weenie

  • Har6s

    was the drummer dude in the process of taking his pants off when the pic was taken?

  • Vincent

    Great to hear a strong voice and a hellman of a guitarplayer. I will see them on 11 june in The Netherlands.

  • Yourmom

    morbid angel used to be cool – now its just – gay

  • Craig_methadrone

    I like the Laibach influences, they are quite apparent and executed nicely into Morbids style!

  • DaveVincent

    Just remember when taking brutal band pics “clench fists to make your arms look bigger”, primp hair and comb ball mop(s). What has happened to grind? Honestly…….

  • DaveVincent

    Just remember when taking brutal band pics “clench fists to make your arms look bigger”, primp hair and comb ball mop(s). What has happened to grind? Honestly…….

  • DaveVincent

    Just remember when taking brutal band pics “clench fists to make your arms look bigger”, primp hair and comb ball mop(s). What has happened to grind? Honestly…….

  • Gargoloth

    That ain’t Nikki Sixx mang – that’s Evil Dick from “Big Brother”.   Blech…this so-called Death Metal genre is so tired and worn out.  Yaaaaawn.  Look at these morons in that pic.  Laughable at best.  They all look like they have to sit down to pee.  Totally predictable rubbish.  Even Black-Eyed Peas are more interesting these days.  I’m switching over to Alt-Country.

  • chivonegro

    Its funny u should compare MR.Radikult Davey Gravy Vincent to Nikki Sixx as a famous blabermouth once told me David’s first influence was Nikki Suxx(David told Mr. blabermouth B.K. that!)! Davids vocals were great unique and demonic on the Thy Kingdom demo and Altars of madness,Not when he started aping Glen Benton starting on Blessed r the sick! Fuck the rest of the album “Ilud” this song is good but for better OLD Morbid Angel stuffs see Blasphemic Cruelty,Apocalypse Command and especially Perdition Temple for pure old savagery that George Emmanuel seems to have forgotten about in an X, techno haze!!

  • Theworldofjfk

    i actually liked this album

  • HeadHunter

    I can see on the coments, that it realy IS “Kiddies Place”..How the Hell can a no-brain, ask where Pete is?? And if he cant se it’s one of the best DM-drummers (Tim Yeung), then listen to Bieber & make my day. Relate to the  track, cool or Not. It,s not a fuckin competition in photo-observations. Yes Vincent is to laugh at & it’s very low-waisted jeans Tim is wearing, but so fuckin what?? And the Nikki Six -“Joke”!! You’re never gonna be stand-up comedian!!! I guess u have turned to this number, for hearing it.. But allmost all I’ve read is low budget boy comments on the pic. But I’ll give u space, to play with your dick’s again.. Holy Crap, what a strange bunch of people in here.
    AND..The SONG kicks holy ass. But other ‘Illud’-trax is a disgrace to the fans.
    I don’t read any comments. Don’t bother..


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  • allah

    Lame :/

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