STREAMING: Deathspell Omega “Abrasive Swirling Murk”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, May 21st, 2012


French/Finnish combo Deathspell Omega have taken black metal to its most mystical extreme. They decline interviews (only handful since forming in 1998), are extraordinarily camera shy, and wouldn’t be caught metaphysically dead performing live in front of an audience. Now, most of this is conjecture. They may do interviews—with each other—and they may have a super-private collection of photos—maybe Mikko Aspa frolicking in the Finnish countryside—and they may have a little stage set up somewhere in central France, so they know what it “feels like”. But from our vantage point, Deathspell Omega don’t do what “normal” bands do. In fact, Deathspell Omega may not be a “band” at all. Just a collection of individuals with the same artistic vision. Alas, this quote (courtesy of Ezxhaton) pretty much tells you all you need to know. Let them create and they will create.

“First and foremost, we want to avoid at all costs this very human illusion of being important and gladly leave these fifteen minutes of fame, as Warhol brilliantly put it, to whoever wants them. In regard to what we are trying to understand and dare to praise despite the immense restrictions of human understanding, we are nothing. This being said, we are of course better than most humans, our humility lies on a metaphysical level. Eventually, it should also be considered that we honestly can not say how much of the artistic or intellectual impulses truly come from us, and which percentage of, for example, Si Monumentim Requires, Circumspice was conceived through or maybe even despite us. Claiming the paternity of a child with such odd and uncontrollable origins would be very vain, indeed, even if—at least—the credit of being an instrument remains. (“I shall descend in humiliation before Thee – And ascend before men only if thy will ordains me”)

Anyway, Decibel is absolutely honored to premiere—yes, premiere for all of humanity—the new Deathspell Omega song, “Abrasive Swirling Murk”.

** Deathspell Omega’s new EP, Drought, is out June 22nd, 2012 on Season of Mist. It can be ordered HERE, or face a deluge of Biblical proportions for not clicking on the hyperlink. Actually, if you don’t it’ll be OK. Just inflate properly and prepare to wear your favorite black metal swim wings.

  • Filthgrinder

    La puta hostia.

  • Filthgrinder

    La puta hostia.

  • Faust

    soundcloud link no worky :(

    • Faust

       Now it is :)

      • BadWolf

         Not for me.

  • Harold

    I see no Soundcloud link here.

  • Matti N.

    Looking forward to hearing the new Deathspell Omega album, in its entirety, when it arrives! Thanks for premiering this track. Sounds excellent.

  • bloodygun

    mindblast and facebash riffs.

  • surletoit

    interesting review, sort of mockingly put. music sounds damn good

  • surletoit

    interesting review, sort of mockingly put. music sounds damn good

    • zenigata


      uh, it’s not a review. more of a statement of what the guys are about. put somewhat lightly though. track rules!!!

  • lupustr

    soundcloud doesn’t fully support my browser. wtf! I want to hear.

  • lupustr

    soundcloud doesn’t fully support my browser. wtf! I want to hear.

  • surletoit

    interesting **band review. srry, my english is shitty. music is kicking ass.

    • lupustr

      works in browser now.

  • Raped with Razors

    I’d pay a good 5 million pounds just to see Mikko A. frolicking ;D Would be interesting. Abrasive Swirling Murk!!!!!!!

  • pissoffdeathspellomega


  • N.K.

    I hope that Chris D. liked making this band sound like a bunch of common goofs who make albums in-between swims and frolics. Back in Feb. of this year, this band/music review was published: . At the time, I thought that the spew was laughable. Now, after reading this guy’s introduction to the band’s song premiere text, I am starting to appreciate the “Why Deathspell Omega’s Trilogy Has Changed the Face of Black Metal” post on At least a little more thought (information) is behind it. Facts are, fans of this band like the music, and they probably don’t need an uneducated opinion about what some (joker) hipster thinks the band members must be “like”. And the ones who don’t like the music, and resent Deathspell Omega for this or that reason, will revel in this Chris D. guy’s little Deathspell Omega fantasy of happy, water-loving musicians lounging-around someplace between Finland and France (hell-of-a long distance between those countries, so why not add that they stop for vodka and wine sampling while frolicking through countries far and wide?).

    • M. Silvertant

      Did he now? I personally can’t appreciate Chris D’s description either, but I have mixed feelings about the quote from Ezxhaton as well. They’re trying too hard to keep everything vague, hidden and semi-intellectual for the sake of their image. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important thing. However, I would appreciate a comment along the lines of “we don’t care so we won’t discuss” — or no comment at all — much more. Their comment is rather pretentious. Intellectual, but unnecessarily evasive.

      It’s also ridiculous to say that everyone who doesn’t like Deathspell Omega for one reason or the other is in line with this Chris D. — I resent that.

      • Chris D.

        I like Deathspell Omega. Quite a bit, actually. Hence, the stream. Enjoy chaos.

      • Fuckthat

        I think they honestly are like that. They actually believe in satansim you know.

    • Chris D.

      Maybe it doesn’t matter what I say about DSO. Maybe it’s about the music? Sounds as if you put more thought it what I had to say rather than what the music communicated to you. Priorities can be tough in the Internet age.

  • Doom to Repeat

    Fuckin’ A! Can’t wait for the new EP. One of the greatest “living” bands.

  • Anabasis

    I’m not sure why this article linked to a 30 dollar import copy on Amazon; this can be pre-ordered on CD for 10 bucks at Season of Mist’s webstore: 

    • Chrisdick

       Sorry, that was my doing. Fixed!

  • Thissongwasgay


    • John12

      Like you and your cunt of a mother.

  • Erva

    Yes. Cool. I like this new song. I was reading through the discussion below, and I want to add that it really shouldn’t matter about how vague this band chooses to be. It has been told by the band that they say everything through their music and lyrics. And I respect this because I can’t think of any other band, from any other music genre, where there music is all that counts to me. There are too many over-blown, less talented, musicians who have big corporations and bigger labels shoving their “beloved by the masses” bands’ images and music down everybody’s throats. So to discover a band who can write more than decent material, release the music, and then keep out of the “praise me, I’m so fucking cvlt” super fake sensationalism that is the modern media stream’s lifeblood, is a nice find for me. Are the band all the members the same as those on older Deathspell albums? Was there an updated and change in the line-up recently? Do they live the life according the stated beliefs found in their lyrics? Or are they fakers just like about [enter your own % here] of most other musicians who stand out on the music front? To me, these types of questions don’t need answers. If someone, who is interested in the band, yet base their own opinions of whether they like DsO or not on the facts that they probably will never see a photo of the band, or read a tabloid-isque write up on the band members’ personal lives, then they are going to probably be disappointed. But that person better admit that their disappointment rests, not in the band’s production, but that their disappointment roots in the need they have to be like the suspicious old woman who is looking out her kitchen window every hour on the hour, hoping for some entertainment or any sorts. (Don’t be offended if you are an old woman who does this). I just can’t think of any better comparison when I see people write that they need to be entertained, visually, by the bands who write the music they like.

    • Gunnar

      I agree, BUT, for me an “album – EP – release – whatever” is not only music but also lyrics and imagery – artwork (+ other stuff, shall I mysteriously say). I really dont care if the album cover is a b&w pic of band members in the woods or not BUT I do think that it is a part of the whole “endeavour” or concept to complete the whole. For me, each and every demo, album etc is a work of art and when “bands” dont care and put some crappy artwork on their release it shines through the whole. Dont have a big problem with what I have seen from Deathspell Omega and I really dont give a crap if they include photos of their bodies. Some people care and some dont. I just think its the “curious syndrome” and this discussion is ALL based on that. See what has happened here! People ARE “talking” and I am writing. WHY? <- Thats your answer!

  • pato 666

    Just awesome, DsO did it again.

  • ian swift

    did they remove it or what?

  • TSVI

    Good post there Erva,
    To add to one of your questions; the band now consists of Mikko Aspa (vocals), Hasjarl (guitars) and Khaos (bass). It’s not known who their drummer is and I’m not entirely sure if it’s a session drummer or a permanent member. They have had this lineup since Si Monumentum… There’s only some good info to be found on Mikko Aspa since he’s involved with a lot of other projects (of his own) and bands such as Clandestine Blaze, Stabat Mater, Fleshpress, Grunt, Creamface, Nicole 12, etc.