STREAMING: Anaal Nathrakh “Paragon Pariah”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs, listen On: Monday, March 21st, 2011


Obliterating everyone in attendance at this year’s Scion Rock festival in Pomona, California, British black metallers Anaal Nathrakh appear poised for extreme metal dominance. Though the group’s history takes them back to 1998 (debut album, The Codex Necro, landed in 2001), it’s the recent output, namely 2009’s In the Constellation of the Black Widow, that’s set them apart from grim-faced metallers aiming for a slice of the panda-colored pie. They’re dark, mechanical, and fucking creepy. And, hey, Anaal Nathrakh don’t wear corpsepaint, if that’s any consolation. True black metal grit!

Here’s what vocalist Dave Hunt has to say: “‘Paragon Pariah’. It’s a song about the guy who wrote Der Einzige Und Sein Eigenthum (The Ego And His Own), one of the bleakest thinkers in all of history who ended his days as the song says. Detested, forgotten and alone. Possibly a lesson for all of us about walking the walk. It’s also the one that close friends who’ve heard the new album thought was one of the most immediate songs on it. Instructions for use: set volume to ‘kill’ and press ‘blast’.”

Right Dave. We’ve set the volume to ‘kill’ (that’d be 11 in Spinal Tap parlance) and we’re waiting for legions of Deci-followers to press ‘blast’. Let the chaos ensue!

“Paragon Pariah”

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** If you need one more track, the Brits have “Violenti Non Fit Iniuria” streaming at their MySpace.

Anaal Nathrakh’s new album, Passion, is out May 17th on Candlelight Records USA. Order it here.

  • !!!

    Fuck yeah!

  • Knukiote3

    kewl chorus…

  • resistance


  • Joe Dillingham

    I don’t love the shitty singing, but I do love that they took their name from John Boorman’s “Excalibur”.

  • Zing


  • TheMathGuy

    1 + 1 = 3

  • Nick Taxidermy

    I like them better when he doesn’t sing, just howls like a dying primate. but god, they’re just so good.

  • Karimtarek1993

    Fucking awesome as usual!

  • Aradesh

    Not fully sold on the singing in this particular track (though I’ve loved all their clean passages in every album up to now) but it ain’t bad either. Between this and Volenti Non Fit Iniuria, I think the new album’s going to be another winner.

  • None

    Album of the year. I can feel it.