Skeletonwitch Studio Video

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, videos On: Friday, September 6th, 2013


Anybody heard of “Kurt Ballou”?  The hairy dudes in this video here keep referring to him as if he’s well known or somehow important, even relevant (!) to the current music scene.  Weird.  He twiddles knobs, people.  It’s not like he’s some badass guitar player or (ha!) songwriter in a legendary metallic hardcore band.  Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?  And has he even been behind the board for anything you can actually name?

Check out Part 1 of an in-studio documentary series starring Skeletonwitch getting all gushy about the extra oomph that Ballou gave to their new album, Serpents Unleashed, due out on October 29.  Give the vid a looksee, get pumped for some scathing new Skeletonwitch, and find out about Ballou’s true canine identity.

  • Kanglar

    What the fuck? Why is this talking shit on Kurt? He was obviously good enough to leave a big impression on the band and got the sound they wanted. The record would sound like shit without him, so fuck off.

    And no I cant name anything else he has done, must be a sure sign he sucks ass. I also can’t name anything “Dan Lake” has written, he must be a shit fucking writer.

  • lib1

    Sounds like it’ll be killer

  • Steve

    Ah. Kanglar. I think you need to take a lesson in “sarcasm.” Look it up.