Haemoth: Not Fans of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Apparently

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, listen On: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Seven psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication.

That is how the press release accompanying In Nomine Odium describes the long-awaited new album from French black metallers Haemoth.

Well…here’s hoping Old Split-Foot is prepared for a cacophonous cauldron of churning fuzz, pitch-black ambience, and way-more-than-two-minutes-hate. Hoo boy. Stellar stuff, but not exactly easy listening — check out the premiere of the ripper “Slaying the Blind” below to confirm.

Haemoth: “Slaying The Blind” by Decibel Magazine

For the record, the rest of In Nomine Odium kills, too. Plenty of pummeling, naturally, but also many intriguing digressions and sharp left turns.

As a bonus, here is the band’s novel official bio:

HAEMOTH supports all that can contribute to the ruin of the human being – every form of vice – and doesn’t give a fuck what means is used to achieve this.

All forms of depravity, destruction and hate must be preached.

HAEMOTH encourages every act, physical or spiritual, which can contribute to decline, blasphemy or pain.

To become one with Him, inner death is inevitable.

The weak ones don’t have their place here. May they burn in Hell …

Any questions?

  • The sixth guest

    Are they christians? even if they preach physical and moral destruction their official bio points to them believing in some sort of god.

    “To become one with Him, inner death is inevitable.The weak ones don’t have their place here. May they burn in Hell …”If they don’t give a fuck about a decent humanity, why the fuck do they care about “becom[ing] one with Him”, or about sending the weak ones to burn in hell?If they wanted desctruction they could simply crush their skulls in the mud and leave the brains there to rot.

    • DarkStarDust

      Him obviously refers to Satan, therefore you can say that they are firmly inbedded in the Judeo-Christian cultural mind-frame that has contributed to fuck us over in the last couple of centuries and more. No God, no Satan!