EXCLUSIVE: New Cryptopsy track “The Golden Square Mile”

By: justin.m.norton Posted in: featured, listen On: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


We’re always stoked to get new material from one of the members of our storied Hall Of Fame.

Decibel has received an exclusive sneak peek at the new Cryptopsy song “The Golden Square Mile,” from their forthcoming self-titled, self-released LP (due September 14). Cryptopsy also gave us a little more information about the song, which is available for streaming below.

The song deals with an unexplained killing that took place in Montreal. This is the song that Cryptopsy will most likely choose for their first video of this new release. It’s also the only song in which all of the musicians took part in writing including ex-member Youri Raymond. Hope you enjoy!

Get in touch with Cryptopsy or pre-order the new album here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.campos.54 Michael Campos

    Cryptopsy definitly brings the fuycking heaviness this time around, cant wait till i pre order my copy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.doom.occulta Leo M Mulvihill Jr

    I can’t stand this vocalist.

    • wouloulou

      and you stand lord worm i guess ?

  • ZyGoatee

    Only slightly better than The Unspoken King. Still sounds like a mash-up between deathcore (mostly) and some recycled death metal. Sorry.

    • dicksteel

      where are those deathcore breakdowns dude?

  • Skarnek

    Hey, at least it ain’t as drastic as Decapitated’s new vocal direction. This guy makes sense. He’s percussive and grunty like DiSalvo (who many ‘topsy fans love) but also able to growl. Let’s just be glad the cleans are OUT.

    • KickMyJunk

      I’ve always been a bit confused by the criticism of Decapitated’s new vocalist. No, the guy sounds nothing like Sauron, but I think he’s definitely in line with Covan, who obviously can’t continue to do vocals for the band.

      • Alex Everingham

        The new Decapitated vocalist is great in my books.

      • Skarnek

        To be honest, I have nothing against the new guy. I’m just saying that it is *more* drastic than the new Cryptopsy vocal.(We’re just gonna forget about “The Unspoken King” regarding this comment.) Besides- I hung out with Decapitated all night and part of the next day. I love that band. Nice guys. I have respect for them and their decisions. R.I.P. Vitek.

        • rob

          To each their own, but I’d like to chime in and say there’s at least one guy here who certainly never pays attention to vocals on extreme metal records. Concerning the “death core” sound, I think the considerably more noticeable use of compression in the mix on this material may have a lot to do with that. It’s definitely a correlation I’ve picked up on when friends mention having a preference toward a death metal band’s “earlier material”. I’ll find not much changed with the band; what changed was the small metal studio ditching really crappy budget analog equipment in exchange for a DAW with infinite plugins. That beside the after effects of the much discussed “loudness war” during the mastering process (most of which is actually occurring at the mix bus well before it gets into the mastering engineers hands). Regardless, I do certainly hear a “poppier” (the critics call it “melodic” which is silly) blackened influence in some segments with the leads. Shit happens. :0

  • mald

    music is so fucking good but that voice…

  • Quaffer

    This is song isn’t as good as the other two new ones, but i don’t understand why people are complaining about the vocals. The vocals are incredible. Go suck Lord Worm’s dick if you disagree, because it’s obvious you want to.

  • Norak

    I like the new Stuff, its great that John came back, now we just need to wait until Disalvo join this Band again and then…. they we will unbeatable :D

  • ArgusPanoptes

    The vocals are fantastic, and I’ve been a fan since Blasphemy Made Flesh. People who are really insecure about being labelled a deathcore fan; are quick to find deathcore in everything. This is no more deathcore than Whisper Supremacy.. and to be honest if I stopped listening after …And then you’ll beg (which I pretty much did) and you handed me this; and Once was Not, and asked me to guess which was Lord Worm… I’d guess wrong and say this one. It’s not any more melodic than classics like Faceless Unknown or even Phobophile… so possibly consider getting off their dick. You don’t like it fine, but don’t call it deathcore because that’s batshit retarded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andre.m.baptista.7 Andre M Baptista

      dude come on, it does have the death-core sound, its not as troubling as none so vile, or once was not, its structure its production, isnt as blistering or punishing as tech death should be

  • Amok

    Martin Lacroix is the top 1 Cryptopsy vocalist.

  • Toni

    I can’t really understand why do you people complain about vocals,.They have not any weak point, absolutely killer grunts!

  • Heisenberg

    I don’t get what anyone’s beef is with Matt, the vocals sound great and
    the guy is obviously talented and diverse (just try and tell me those
    screams at around 2:17 don’t sound awesome). Everything I’ve heard from this record so far has sounded like a continuation of the Whisper Supremacy/..And Then You’ll Beg direction, which I personally think is awesome. Having said that, the track “Amputated Enigma” definitely sounds much more old school to me, and could’ve easily surfaced around the None So Vile days. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this cd.

  • iamatreestump

    the vocals suck. If you don’t agree, your probably only 17 or 18 and I feel sorry for you and your ideas what of death metal and grind are.

    • bakedspade

      I feel sorry for you being a narrow minded elitist. You are a massive part of what is wrong with the metal community.

  • Skarnek

    @c3b3f1bed60c9167e62a0c06b44f492a:disqus “People who are really insecure about being labelled a deathcore fan; are
    quick to find deathcore in everything. This is no more deathcore than
    Whisper Supremacy.” Dude. YOU SAID IT. I’m soon to be 32, and nobody even said “deathcore/metalcore” or whatever even about Pantera back in the day, who had a strong REAL hardcore (like Agnostic Front…or heavier, like Exhorder). You’ve got REAL death metal being called deathcore, classic Gothenburg influenced bands being called metalcore, and the raido bands like Five Finger Death Punch getting away with the simple term “Heavy Metal”…it’s all a jumbled mess. People wanna make genres into gangs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dianemelomane Diane Messier

    Au poste comme les débuts!

  • Sola

    I agree with Quaffer ! This singer does much sick vocals… I love LW’s voice too,but that period has ended,that’s all. I’m surprised this band still exist! Who the fuck cares about details if the music kills ? Bunch of people only bullying for a small erection… adorable