David Vincent (Morbid Angel) interviewed

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, videos On: Friday, July 1st, 2011


Well-spoken, Morbid Angel’s David Vincent has labeled the group in 2011 as “spearheaders”, which is fine when you look at albums like Hall of Fame album Altars of Madness, Blessed Are the Sick, Covenant, Domination. etc. Morbid Angel were the creme de la creme. However, time marches on and it’s rarely kind.

Certainly, Vincent is of the opinion Morbid Angel (cover stars yet again on dB #81) have broken “new ground” on new album Illud Divinum Insanus, but do you share the same opinion? Did Morbid Angel form a new extreme metal dimension for all to be sucked into if they’re so willing? Or… Well, you answer those questions for yourself while you hear Vincent speak like he’s commissioner of the National Death Metal Association (NDMA).

Video courtesy of Scion A/V.

  • Ashesnomore79

    I like bands that do their own thing and are good at it, but being out of touch is quite another thing. Unfortunately, the “ground breaking” on this recording has already been done over a decade ago, and it sounds very stale now. Illud is not bad, but I think that its creation was misguided with a dated mindset. Maybe its time they move on to other projects under a different name.

  • Hate

    It’s too new for him to admit it’s high level of suck.  He’ll be delivering a different interview in 3-5 years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MechaRoach Matt Roach

    I don’t know all the intricacies of the Death Metal sceene, but he seems like a good guy to me…

  • Mark Gilson

    All this controversy about the new record could have been avoided by simply releasing the techno tracks as an EP that everybody could choose to ignore. Nobody’s hating on the metal stuff.

  • Swanjacomustdie

    I never knew that Gene Simmons and Glen Danzig had a child together.

  • Mert

    Listened to the album many times now, at first I was negatively shocked of course. got over that initial feeling of shock and although I still think it’s a bad record, I understand that Trey wanted to experiment in a few tracks of his own, namely Too Extreme, Destructos and Mea Culpa. These don’t sound like Morbid Angel and are too left-field yet they are complex and WEIRD tracks. I mean, these kind of tracks won’t gain the band mainstream fans as they have either complicated time changes or guitar drones etc… On the other hand, we have David Vincent tracks, which are totally mainstream oriented which is shocking. I mean, this was the same guy who wrote all those philosophical and symbolical lyrics back in the day and now he writes stuff like “we are banging hardcore radical”… What??? When did David Vincent turned into this 2 dimensional neo rock n roll frontman stereotype? It’s unbelieveable. But in any care, that kind of thing has nothing to do with Morbid Angel’s overall image and it can not be called “experimentation”. As this was not enough, the track “Radikult” has almost NOTHING to do with anything Morbid Angel. I mean, go ahead and experiment, but trying to write a Marylin Manson / Rob Zombie tribute song is not experimentation. This is where the album failed for me. I really like the music on most of the typical Death Metal songs on the album, I like Destructos and Mea Culpa as little experimental tracks but there’s no way I can take Radikult or I Am Morbid as Morbid Angel songs… They are simply too stupid to be Morbid Angel songs!

    • metalhead 3

      Reasonable comment. If there weren’t those two ridiculous songs but two better ones instead, it would’ve been a decent album, even with those ”experimental” tracks. But there’s something more that bothers me.
      I’ve read that Mikael Åkerfeldt praised it as a great record, he’s also connected to Ihsahn’s experimental material. Enslaved is into weird music with few latest albums too. Don’t know, but seems like highly skilled metal musicians are trying to cause some sort of confusion among metal fans. Maybe I’m completely wrong and it’s all simply a market/buisness act, which isn’t bad at all since it rises metal quality overall in times when there are a lot of crappy and shallow metal bands.

  • BiorythmicDrifter

    I guess these guys are officially considered the poster boys of what not to do to offend your fan base. That whole idea in itself is offensive. Who are we and some of you posters to say what is inspired, uninspired, good or bad….it’s just opinions. That’s all this boils down to, personal opinions. Leave it at that. The band doesn’t owe us anything excecpt a piece of music that they put together, under their own guidance. If they listened to what ppoeple thought back in the day we wouldn’t have Altars…, or Blessed…, or (pick and album). The backlash is so off base it’s mind boggling. I swear I’m not listening to the same album others are, I think it great.

    • Ashesnomore79

      Offended? I doubt that many people are offended about Illud. I believe that you may be over thinking this a bit. You have argued that a personal opinion is wrong while stating your personal opinion. You do realize that, right? Like it or not, other people do have opinions, and a lot a very likely to have ones other than yours. Unfortunately, Illud is not a great recording by any standard. Who am I to say that? A person who may or may not buy their music. You sound like you are a poster boy for those who lack critical thinking skills.

  • Snark Shark

    he has every right to write and record whatever he wants, but that doesn’t stop it from being SHIT.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pero-Pandaemonium/100000657215465 Pero Pandaemonium

    Him and Trey,they’ve done an album which is great album judging by them,but we have our opinion,we  are not blind and also Satanism do not advocate to be a follower so what ever Mr Vincent&company advocate you have every right to reject it and ignore it.In present time with so many great and talented bands in the underground there’s no need to be sad and let’s turn our focus and energy towards bands that are conquering new aeons .If  you are not able to hold the throne you will be DETHRONED so Mr Vincent&company too.

  • Derzwerg73


    agree or disagree this a very funny take on the new record

  • Anonymous

    What did he walk away from the band and immediately into a Spencers gift shop? This guy is a fucking joke rehashing awful music better left in the depths of 1999. Whats  the next step for the band a split with Lacuna Coil?

  • rob

    record isn’t bad, If i was playing the same songs for over 20 years i’d want to try something different too. It’s amazing that some bands can change style every record and nobody complains but with other bands it’s blasphemy. The lines of extreme metal are so blurred into each other at this point (black/death,grind n roll,industrial death etc..) i don’t blame morbid angel for wanting in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/csorelle Chris Sorelle

    AND YOUR PAINSS …RAISE ME TO BLISSSS  dun dun dundun deh neh nahhh weeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwww , 

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