Come here and watch “How The Internet Changed Heavy Metal”

By: shane.mehling Posted in: featured, interviews, listen, videos On: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


How has the internet changed metal? That’s like writing a letter that opens with “How has paper changed letter writing?” But to put a finer point on it, Metal Injection has created a just long enough mini-doc on the jaw-dropping paradigm shift in how we headbang now thanks to some nerds years ago who’d probably think Jethro Tull deserved that Grammy.

Featuring a bunch of people who aren’t Decibel’s editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, and one that is, this is a stroll down memory lane, harkening back to when every single aspect of a record was pored over and dissected by teens who had just spent a month’s lunch money on an album they hope slayed, as well as a lesson to the new generation that you have no goddamn idea how easy you have it.

This may be a little wonky for some people as it focuses mainly on the music/blog/magazine industry and not so much on how great it was to order t-shirts from Blue Grape, and, also, many of the bands highlighted blow. But still, I loved this thing. You should love it, too.

  • snowman

    Here’s to us, the old folks, those who walked miles to the record store in the blazing sun with our paper route money…just enough to buy one cassette!

    Loved those days, man.