Blast Worship: Moisturizer

Where they from?
Providence, Rhode Island. It is the middle of June, which means it’s officially baseball season. My team, the lowly New York Metropolitans, is currently on a six-game winning streak [yet still remain behind the dreadful Washington Nationals in the NL East –ed]. The catalyst? They have not tasted defeat since they had the McDonald’s mascot Grimace through out the first pitch at a game last week. Surely this is not a coincidence but a divine manifestation of fast food energy that will be studied for thousands of years to come. Grimace saves us all.

Why the hype?
Never have I come across a band with such strong midwest energy who hasn’t been from the heartland. These dudes sound like they hang out and do skag with Mellow Harsher or share beers with Deterioration. The guitar tone is super pinched or “ratty” as I like to refer to it and the interplay between the guitar and drums sounds like a rabbit hoped up on LSD chasing its own tail. Seriously, this stuff will put your head on a skewer and warp your brains.

Latest release?
Dumb and Burnt Out Already?, self-released. I know I already mentioned them but this stuff really reminds me of Mellow Harsher, and I don’t make that comparison lightly as MW are one of my favorite powerviolence bands of all time. This entire album is filled with jagged musical spasms that attack you from every angle. If you were to try to dance to it you would dislocate every bone in your body and shit your pants. Grimace approves.