Album Premiere: The Troops of Doom – ‘A Mass to the Grotesque’

The Troops of Doom, Photo by Cissa Flores
The Troops of Doom, Photo by Cissa Flores

Oh, you thought we were done with full album streams for the day? Not. Even. Close. And this one is special.

Jairo ‘Tormentor’ Guedz is back with a vengeance, leading Brazilian metal supergroup The Troops of Doom. Boasting an all-star lineup that includes guitarist Marcelo Vasco (Patria, Mysteriis)—also a renowned graphic artist for bands like Slayer, Dee Snider, and Kreator—vocalist and bassist Alex Kafer and drummer Alexandre Oliveira. The band’s sophomore outing, A Mass to the Grotesque, returns to the organic, old-school sound that defined Death Metal’s golden age.

Not only did we get to hear the new album, but we also chatted with Guedz about the inspiration, process, and intent of A Mass to the Grotesque:

“The title carries the symbolism of a true ode to the ugly, the evil, the feared. It encompasses everything and everyone that doesn’t fit into the molds of a so-called ‘evolved’ society,” explains Guedz. “Our starting point was to shape an almost cathartic sonic experience, transporting our listeners to a distorted and surreal world where the grotesque is exalted. It’s a celebration of the darkest side of human existence, an ode to the deepest and most macabre fears and obsessions. We explored a unique fusion of elements from 80s and 90s Death/Thrash Metal, with a hint of Black Metal, but through our own approach, with our own DNA, while respecting the genre’s classical aesthetics, creating a more visceral auditory experience.”

“Our idea was to make it a more ‘cinematic’ album. Although not exactly a conceptual or chronological album, each track tells a story that connects with another in some way, evoking images of horror and despair, like in a nightmare.” Guedz continued, “For previous records, everything was recorded remotely due to our geographical distance. This is the first time the band could be 100% together in the studio, working as a team. So our intention with this new album was to break free from formulas, letting everything flow more naturally, overflowing with what we had in our veins, and finally seeking a sound that could better translate the band’s live sound. It’s all very straightforward and without frills, quite raw and “imperfect,” in the best sense, of course. It’s an album made from fans for fans of Metal.”

“The entire production and recording of the album were done with André Moraes in Brazil, while the mixing and mastering were handled by the great Jim Morris at the legendary Morrisound Recording in Florida. It’s a production that completely diverges from today’s standard productions. We are very proud of it.” Marcelo Vasco chimed in, “Every aspect of this album was chosen meticulously. Our idea was to take the production of this album to another level. The sound breathes; it’s organic and lo-fi, old-school as hell. It’s an experience!” The cover art, painted by Dan Seagrave, perfectly captures its dark and evocative themes. Vasco admits, “There wouldn’t be a more perfect artist to paint the album cover than the master Dan Seagrave. It’s a giant honor to have him as the cover artist of this new album. It’s a dream come true.”

Out Friday through Alma Mater Records, label owner Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) also jumped in on the hype train: “Imagine a Death Metal world unaltered and pure since the 1990s, a musical style so dear to the fans, that time, business, and trend could never hurt. A Mass to the Grotesque rescues this long-forgotten Death Metal class.”

Available to preorder on CD, Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital formats, you don’t have to wait until Friday to hear A Mass to the Grotesque in all its pure, unadulterated death metal glory because we have the exclusive full album stream right here, right now, right below.