Video Premiere: Julia Gaeta’s “Blur Divine”

It’s been interesting to watch Julia Gaeta‘s musical evolution. Gaeta has always been a card-carrying metalhead, but like the most interesting artists and people, she couldn’t be contained by one genre or approach. She’s a bit of a chameleon.

Gaeta has landed in an interesting place: she’s become a first-rate dark wave/post-punk/trip-hop chanteuse with a weakness for powerful hooks. The more she evolves, the more comparisons to artists like Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox, and XMal Deutschland are merited, even if her music is unquestionably her own. Her voice – all of her music – sounds like what happens when innocence meets experience. It’s the sound of an ingenue looking at a confusing and dark world.

Decibel is happy to premiere the debut video “Blue Divine” from the eponymous upcoming EP (watch Bandcamp for preorders). The EP was written between two locations in Paris. Gaeta started working on it after moving to Paris from Berlin during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns.

Gaeta is working on a full-length album now. While we wait for that to materialize, watch the lush and provocative video for the title track.