Full Album Stream: Suffer – “Grand Canvas of the Aesthete”

Prepare to be crushed by riffs, torn apart by grows, and pounded into dust by relentless drumming. Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s Suffer is here with a new album, their second full-length but part of a long legacy stretching back to the early days of death metal in 1990. Decibel is proud to showcase this album in it’s full phantasmal glory below.

According to vocalist and guitarist C.R. Petit:

“Initially, it was preconceived that this was the swan song. We wanted to have one last chance to make a Suffer album that sounded the way every Suffer recording should have sounded. But, this entire process has been absolutely fantastic and I am not sure that we could simply walk away. I am pretty sure that we all have more Suffer in the tank.”

Grand Canvas of the Aesthete comes out on Friday. You can find pre-order information here.