Full Album Stream: Verwoed – “The Mother”

Black metal is well-renowned for it’s capacity for blazing fury and aggression. But in the last several years, many bands have taken this darkest of arts and honed it in ways that are more pensive and contemplative. Verwoed is definitely one of those bands, and this is absolutely true of the project’s latest album, The Mother. It’s full of riffs, growls and blasts, of course. But the way it’s all arranged makes for a thought-provoking series of sonic pictures, ones that recall gothic rock and post-punk alongside the shades of metallic volcanism. Therefore it’s with great pleasure that Decibel display the album in full today.

According to the band:

It is with utmost joy that we unleash The Mother upon the world. The process of creating, and in the end laying the final hands on, this work has been one of the most trialing, testing and enduring experiences ever since the inception of Verwoed back in 2014. Therefore, needless to say, we are beyond delighted and thrilled to unleash this beast upon the world and feel that it captures and envisions everything that Verwoed ever was and is. To us, this truly is a prayer of blood and fire.

The Mother comes out March 28 via Argento Records. You can find pre-order information here.