Blast Worship: Durian

Where they from?
Motherfucking south Jersey. The NCAA basketball tournaments start this weekend. College basketball is the one sport I pay absolutely zero attention to, but I always love making Final Four predictions. This year I have DeVry, Delco, Emerson and Duke. Oh, and let’s just throw the Kansas City Chiefs in there for the Hell of it.

Why they hype?
THEY ARE BACK AND STINKIER THAN EVER! Been a fan of this band for a long time as they feature several ex-members of the legendary Chainsaw To The Face and just in general tend to create grindviolence that is both eviscerating and, uh, even more eviscerating? They also tend to focus on EP’s and splits which is just fine with me because my ADHD-riddled brain ain’t got time for a thirty minute long grindcore album. I’ve got things to do god dammit!* (*Replay Goldeneye for N64 for the nine millionth time).

Latest release?
Split EP with Kandarivas out now on Nerve Altar. Woah, these guys show a little bit of melodic flourish on ‘Lie Still’?? This record in general sees the band exploring newer spaces than they ever have and still manage to do it under ten minutes. God bless these great men for their dedication to brevity. Our society owes them a great debt.