Album Premiere: Chapel of Samhain – “Black Onyx Cave”

In the world of death metal, we’ve become accustomed to the word “darkness” as a standard adjective. But there’s some music that evokes it more apparently than others, and that’s definitely true of Chapel of Samhain. For rabid fans of bands like Incantation, Profanatica, Imprecation, and Ritual Necromancy, the band’s new album Black Onyx Cave will live up to its name. From the subterranean vocals, to the crushing riffs, to the inescapable atmosphere of doom, this is an album that will take you to evil and foreboding places.

The band notes that “Musically, Black Onyx Cave is an eerie dimension of plain death metal embodied with sulfur and phosphorus, which invokes filth and torment. This organic chamber is meant to break necks and invert beliefs upon the old script classics. Your bones should applaud that!”

They go on to describe the album’s lyrics:

Lyrically, the album is a personal vision about various stages that define our path as living beings and our self-portrait within the experience of dying. Whether these levels are physical or ethereal, we all need to explore this unknown realm since it’s pretty real and damn daring for most mortal keens. Meaning that the transition between the flesh and soul states are aesthetically infinite and allow access to a potential dimension of knowledge and evolutionary rebirths in which we seal our karma and open new gateways of dharma.

But of course!

Check out Black Onyx Cave in it’s full transcendent glory below. The album comes out on Nuclear Winter Records on March 18.