Video Premiere: Dejecter’s “Absent From The Stone” with Mike DiSalvo

Dejecter says their second EP Majesty Artificial is not just a rumination on how technology has changed humanity but a more intense and urgent release. “This EP picks up where we left off with our first release but takes everything up a notch,” guitarist Josh Caldwell says. “We expanded our sonic palette in every direction. It’s a pure statement of where we wanted to take our sound and who we want to be as a band.”

Majesty Artificial features a guest appearance on the first single “Absent from the Stone” from Mike DiSalvo of Coma Cluster Void, Warhorse, Akurion, Uncle Stalin, and formerly of Cryptopsy. We’re premiering the video for said track below.

“Having the chance to lay down tracks on this project was a no-brainer,” DiSalvo says. “I was drawn in by this track from the get-go and I’m super proud to be on this record. The song crushes.”