All Stream: Stygian Crown ‘Funeral for a King’

Stygian Crown
Photo Credit: Ryan Piorkowski and Alex Joo

Brace yourself for L.A.’s Stygian Crown‘s explosive return with their much-anticipated sophomore album, “Funeral for a King,” releasing on February 23, 2024, via Cruz Del Sur Music in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. A colossal offering of doom metal enriched with nods to legends like Candlemass and Iron Maiden, “Funeral for a King,”marks a bold journey through dark, epic soundscapes.

The making of “Funeral for a King” was an intense journey for Stygian Crown, driven by a deep dive into creativity to defy the “sophomore slump” with a powerful display of doom that defies expectations. The album showcases their expansion into classic and death metal, with contributions from each member highlighting a peak of collaborative energy. Tracks like “Blood Red Eyes” and “The Bargain” showcase the band’s refined sound and thematic depth, exploring dark tales against Kris Verwimp’s mythologically rich cover art.

“Funeral for a King” is an immersive doom metal experience celebrating Stygian Crown’s evolution and passion. It promises an authentic, raw, captivating listen, embodying doom metal’s heart and soul. For pre-orders, visit their Bandcamp page – full album stream below!