Blast Worship: Weapon World

Where they from?
Bend, OR. I joined a bowling league recently and that shit is way harder than I remember. We bowled three games yesterday and my top score was 58. That’s not just pathetic, that’s pants-shittingly, lose-your-girlfriend pathetic. I got five gutter balls in a row; it was a disgrace.

Why the hype?
It’s been a while since I’ve heard a powerviolence band go this fucking hard. This shit is on the same stratosphere as the almighty Mellow Harsher an the equally legendary  — though obscure — Tumor Feast. Just absolutely jarring, arhythmic blasts that attack you only from the most skewed and disjointed angles all inter-spliced with bizarre hip hop and movie samples.

Latest Release?
Weapon World EP, self-released. I really like this ban’s name because it remind me of the ol’ X-Men villain Arcade and his “Murder World,” which was basically an amusement park he set up for the X-Men except all the rides were DEADLY! It was kind of like Action Park in New Jersey but ON PURPOSE!