Blast Worship: Genestealer

Where they from?
San Diego, CA. The Super Bowl is this weekend, literally my least favorite game of the year because I always end up having to explain the rules of football to the uninitiated at the party rather then, ya know, WATCH THE FUCKING GAME! Like, sorry Mom, but I’m not gonna explain the entire four-down system when we have two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. READ WIKIPEDIA!

Why the hype?
Let me explain something: When you write about grindcore and a band happens to have your first name in their name, you’re almost ethically obligated to write about them. But luckily for me, this band also rips! Super-duper heavy, downtuned Oakland style crust/grind. The vocalist sounds pissed! The drummer plays fast! The guitar riffs go BURRRRRRR. I mean really, what is there not to like?

Latest release?
Malignant Design EP, self-released. Goddamn, do I love me a good grindcore EP. This one has it all, the insanely badass intro, the boot-to-throat pacing and even an honest-to-goodness decent cover of a Nasum classic. Why do grind bands even do full lengths anyway? Let’s just do EP’s from now on, it’ll be cheaper and make all of our lives easier. READ WIKIPEDIA!