Blast Worship: Decorticate

Where they from?
Copenhagen, Denmark. Well, the Super Bowl rematch is set. Everyone is complaining about how they are sick of the Chiefs but honestly this is the team America deserves. We are a feeble, cattle-like population of intellectually uncurious people who should be forced to grovel in the face of a certain pop star every time one of the male models in red runs into the end zone. These are the end times.

Why the hype?
Hey, Decorticate kinda sounds like Infest! But a modern Infest, with good — but not too good — production. And the vocals genuinely sound pissed off! It’s like just some guy yelling his guts out, but that’s really all you need when you play powerviolence! And, stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the drummer… plays really fast.

Latest Release?
Conditioned by Violence out on Extremely Rotten Productions. This album ends with a cover of what I assume is another Danish (Denmarkian?) pv band, Aktiv Dodshjalp and it’s just so good. It’s got that classic snot-nosed mosh riff that sort of cocoons the listener before exploding into 30 seconds of pure insanity. I know I goof on punk a lot, but when it’s done well, it’s just so fucking good.