Full Album Stream: Unsouling – “Vampiric Spiritual Drain”

Unsouling describes itself as “incorporating death metal and darkwave, as well as some goth tinged influences, creating a cohesive yet engaging and enveloping experience.” Indeed, the project’s new album, Vampiric Spiritual Drain has a lot going on, including some black metal and death-doom elements — bringing it all together for a supremely dark and ominous listen.

There’s a particularly contemplative quality to the music as well, which reinforces the album’s stated purpose to deal “with the inevitable pain associated with emotional and spiritual reckoning, as well as the insurmountable and uncontrollable nature of our universe.” It’s the soundtrack to the realization of just how alone we all are in this universe, and how no one escapes the end. (Good morning, everyone!)

Decibel is happy to present Vampiric Spiritual Drain in full. The album drops this Friday via I, Voidhanger records.