Blast Worship: PISSCORPSE

Where they from?
Salisbury, MD. This is such an odd time of year because it’s usually when I catch up on all the great releases from last year that I’m just discovering now. I feel like such a schmuck! This is what happens when you spend too much time watching ESPN rather than keeping your nose to the GRINDSTONE.

Why the hype?
Good lord do we have a live one here. I don’t know if I would describe this as grindcore per se but the intensity of PISSCORPSE (always all caps) is enough to have them nest comfortably in the bosom of the grind/powerviolence listening public. Imagine the most hellacious wing of metalcore (REAL METALCORE, NONE OF THAT HOT TOPIC BULLSHIT) channeled through the studio production of your typical grindcore garage recording. It’s like if Ed Gein, Graf Orlock and Trap Them got into a fistfight at your local basement show. God, that would be freakin SWEET.

Latest Release?
OVER IT, self-released. Hey, they might be over it, but I’m certainly not! Goddamn, been waiting all week to make that stupid joke. But seriously, this is some of the most abrasive shit I’ve heard in a while, enough to take the paint off the side of a house. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to re-watch the highlights of the Dallas Cowboys losing.