PERSEKUTOR Premiere New Track, “Eternal Snowstorm of the Frozen Eye,” via the Decibel Flexi Series

Nearly two decades after first appearing in the pages of Decibel, scuzzy, infectious black ‘n’ roll debasers Persekutor plough their way into the Decibel Flexi Series! “Eternal Snowstorm of the Frozen Eye” is a previously unreleased brain-freezer that is absolutely vital to anyone with a respectable Bulldozer vinyl collection. Persekutor frontman Vlad “the Ihaler” Bârladean sheds some light on the track’s origin.

“Back in 2006 when I am seeing things is goings tits up with debut album Angels of Meth (10/10 score in Decibel!!), I am holdings this song back for safety. ‘Eternal Snowstorm of the Frozen Eye’ is ice-cold banger recorded by original lineup of me (guitar/vox), Ion Slasher (bass) and Doktor Impossible (drums). Lyrics concerning infamous CIA programme sellings cocaine to fund Contra rebels of Nicaragua while Reagan is pushings Say No To Drugs program in US and A. Hilarious!”

This little snow angel, isn’t available anywhere else, but you can jam it below now. Then head off to the dB store where we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the Persekutor flexi available.