Album Premiere: Into the Deep – “Blackfin”

Into the Deep

Some people argue with me that Jaws isn’t a horror movie. But I invite you to think of another movie that generated that much fear. As a kid, I was so scared of Jaws I was afraid of swimming in lakes, or being in my own bathtub. Raleigh, NC’s Into the Deep understands the terror associated with the murky depths. Formed in 2018 by the members of Pivot, Into the Deep have dived even deeper into extreme metal since their Lost to the Sea debut. Today we are thrilled to share their new album Blackfin a few days before the official January 5th release.

From the title track’s opening groove, Blackfin combines melodic death metal with the emotional core of ’90s alternative metal like Tool and Deftones. “Seaweed” is the first glimpse of Michael Hambright’s clean vocals, and they bring humanity and fragility to the album. Into the Deep texture the album thoughtfully, whether it’s with robotic vocal flourishes, or the surf guitar kicking off “Spaceshark.” Guitarist Eric Hambright swims through the record with sharp-toothed riffs aplenty. Meanwhile, drummer Phil Cicco adds bounce and momentum with his rhythms, culminating in the churning closer “Hammerhead.” Like fellow aquanauts Giant Squid or Squalus, the underwater world becomes a lyrical metaphor for more. Into the Deep’s songwriting seeks truth in a world that exploits and pollutes oceans beyond repair. Shark week is here early, so don’t miss out.

Press play below and get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.

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