Where they from?
New Haven, Connecticut. Happy Holidays, everyone. I really love how every year people make such a big fucking deal about the holidays and then two weeks go by and it’s just January, the absolute worst fucking month of the year. Like, all that hullabaloo and then bam, just brown snow sticking to the bottom of your car and the sun setting at noon. Ba fucking humbug.

Why the hype?
CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP is easily the king of the one-person east coast noisegrind scene. How big is said scene? Come on now, we’re all friends here. CHOP x7 releases ferocious, often times tongue-in-cheek, political inspired grind at a prolific pace and with a similar vibe to fellow east coast legends the HIRS Collective. I remember seeing a clip on YouTube of a performance of like 100 songs all about how Rush Limbaugh was rotting in Hell. That should pretty much sum it up for you.

Latest Release?
Insects Are Crawling All Over My Body out now on Baby Chico Records. The amazing thing about this record isn’t that its 127 songs in five minutes, it’s that when you order it from the label, the actual record is sent in barbed wire packaging, literally. Is this legal? Possibly, but this is noisegrind, a domain beyond laws. Upon finding this out I immediately ordered a copy and I don’t even own a record player! Be sure to play this for your family this holiday season, if you can get through the packaging.