Full Album Stream: LIES! – ‘Mind Pollution’

We feel like we need shout when say the name of Dutch metallic hardcore outfit LIES! And, yes, it is all caps, with an exclamation point. So, naturally this quintet is disgruntled and quite possibly not inclined to buy into whatever the man is peddling. Not surprisingly, that seems to be the general theme of the outfit’s new nine-song mini-album, Mind Pollution, which is a hyper-angry beatdown laid out in a tidy 14 minutes. The über-tight and forceful fivesome—Rene Smit (vocals), Sander Oldersma (guitar/backing vocals), Frank van den Beld (guitar/backing vocals), Jeroen Habets (bass), Marcel Oldersma (drums)—rage with passion, but also display some quieter dynamics to make their point more effectively.

Mind Pollution was recorded and produced by guitarist Sander Oldersma at 3181 Studio and is set for release December 8 on CD and digitally in various territories via Coretex Records and Diorama Records. You can preorder it here.

Here’s what vocalist Rene had to say about the new album:

“In the midst of our chaotic lives, a form of pollution has emerged—mind pollution. This pollution warps our thoughts and perceptions, driven by constant urges and misleading influences, all fueled by an unending need for connection. The fear of missing out and the fear of loss perpetuate this cycle. Within our minds, a storm rages—a tornado of anger, opinions and external influences. This mental turmoil threatens our core beliefs and even our ability to reason. In the midst of this turmoil, we risk losing our true selves, pulled away by external forces. This internal storm can be overwhelming, capable not only of shattering our world but also leading to complete estrangement or even more dire consequences.”