Blast Worship: Aftersundown

Where they from?
Tangerang, Indonesia. Ihis past Friday I had the “pleasure” of watching my Jets get their asses utterly obliterated by the Miami Dolphins in the NFL’s first ever Black Friday football game. When will it end? I feel like the NFL is just creating all of these national broadcasts as a way to humiliate the Jets in front of millions of people. Like, a presidential inauguration? Let’s have the Jets lose to the Bills. Academy Awards? Let’s have them lose to the Cowboys. The emergency broadcast system should just be a picture of Robert Saleh frowning.

Why the hype?
I don’t know what it is about bands from Southeast Asia but they are VICIOUS and rather prolific at creating some of the most abrasive grindcore on the planet. Aftersundown have a similar approach as their Malaysian grindcore brethren Compulsion to Kill: dirty, raw production and eviscerating guitarwork a la Insect Warfare but with a few more groovy moments to really shred the ear drums of anyone listening. Music like this brings me back to being 15 years old and hearing Wormrot for the first time. Ah, to be young again.

Latest Release?
Onset of Anxiety, self-released. I didn’t realize this was a collection of various splits and 7-inches, which explains the different recording quality of certain songs. I, like an idiot, thought the ban had pulled a Scum and completely switched lineups halfway through the recording process. I was never the brightest pupil. GRIIIIIIIIND.