Full EP Stream: Volume – “Requesting Permission to Land”

Volume has been in the heavy garage rock game for a long time, forming in 1993 and issuing the EP Requesting Permission to Land originally in 2003. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, the band is issuing a proper vinyl edition, and Decibel is happy to grant the band all-clear status on the runway. If you dig fuzzy guitars, mean vocals, and supremely catchy hooks, this EP should satisfy all needs. It’s a shame that the band didn’t achieve wider prominence during the garage-rock explosion of the early 2000s, as their MC5-infused buzzbomb sound is miles ahead of the various 70s retreads on offer in those days.

Here’s how the band’s main-man Patrick Brink feels about the EP’s re-release:

“I’m super stoked that Requesting Permission To Land will finally be out on vinyl like it was always supposed to be. Get ready to get cosmically freaked out!”

Check out the EP in full below, and see if you can last without playing excited air guitar.

You’ll fail, of course. This is rock as it’s meant to be: rough, raw, and ready to explode.