Video Premiere: Vermilia – “Ruska”

It’s fitting that Vermilia release a video for “Ruska” at this time of year. After all, the Finnish word “ruska” represents autumn colors and foliage. Here in the northeastern United States, the time has come for that season to set in, and I imagine it’s nearing it’s peak in Finland as I write this. The song is the title track for Vermilia’s fantastic second album, released in 2022.

The song is one of the album’s more anthemic tracks, playing like the soundtrack to an ancient pagan ritual long lost to the waves and buried leaves of time. Commenting on the video, Vermilia says that “The Ruska track got the autumn colors it deserved, filmed in beautiful North Karelia and Häme with the help of Laaksonniemi.” Indeed, the simple yet captivating video provides the viewer with the ideal visual palette to complement Vermilia’s unique brand of folk-inspired black metal.

Check out the video for “Ruska” below, and head over to Vermilia’s Bandcamp page to obtain a copy of Ruska.