Blast Worship: Cognizant

Where they from?
Dallas, Texas. The past two weeks I have had to watch Zach Wilson play quarterback for my team and all I can say, is thank the cosmos for Grindcore. And that’s right, it’s capital G Grindcore, enough of this lowercase bullshit. Oh my god, he just threw another incompletion.

Why the hype?
Another week and another Bryan Fajardo-led unit DOMINATING the headlines. We can sit here and wax poetic about the greatest Grindcore drummer to ever live, but let’s take a moment to shout out the other guys doing their thing here. The dual guitar attack of Irving Lopez and Alex Moore should be given their due for conjuring quite the maelstrom of sci-fi, angular aggression that channels a healthy amount of Gorguts and Yautja, which should be most pleasing to the crowd of adult Dungeons & Dragons players that this release no doubt targets. Rounding out the madness is Brad Luttrell and vocalist Kevin Ortega who sounds like he is going to get stomach ulcers if he keeps doing that.

Latest Release?
Inexorable Nature of Adversity out now on Nerve Altar. Quick shoutout to “Seizures.” a song that lives up to its name with AUTHORITY. These goons are playing 4D CHESS and the rest of y’all are still playing motherfucking CHECKERS. God, I love this band, almost as much as I hate…no, I will waste no more of this website complaining about he who shall not be named. It is useless, it is joyless, it is…THE INEXORABLE NATURE OF ADVERSITY!