Video Premiere: Nott – “Hiraeth”

There’s a storm brewing out there, and it’s coming from the Pacific northwest. Nott, the dynamic duo of Tyler Campbell and Julia Geaman, has summoned the clouds to rain death-doom terror on their upcoming album Hiraeth. Decibel is happy to premiere the video for the booming title track. If you’re a fan of the dissonant death metal that emerged over the last decade from bands like Ulcerate, then you definitely need to get harmonized with this.

According to Tyler: “Nott began as a solo studio project up in Alaska with a few DIY EPs. While working on the debut full-length, The Wretched Sounds, I brought the operation down to Seattle with the intention of expanding the project into a band. A few months before the pandemic, Julia and I began working together.”

Julia brings a fascinating perspective to her fantastic drum work, reflecting that “I was born in Romania and, because things were chaotic in the ’90s after Communism fell, we moved to South Africa for 8 years, then finally immigrated to Canada. I remember feeling like I had nothing to do and, after all that moving and chaos, it was suddenly quiet. Maybe I started playing drums to fill that quiet.”

Check out the song and video below. Hiraeth comes out on August 18. Per-order the LP here and get the digital here.