Blast Worship: Lycanthrophy

Where they from?
Czech Republic. If your baseball team sucks this year (God knows mine does) then you, along with millions of other Americans, have entered the dead zone of the sports calendar. I know I should probably be at the beach or vomiting on a Six Flags roller coaster somewhere in New Jersey, but goddamn, I can’t help but fighting off the itch to lose $20 on the Miami Dolphins or some other moribund NFL franchise. BRING ON TRAINING CAMP ALREADY!

Why the hype?
Lycanthrophy have been around since 1998 and have held the crown since their inception as being the grindcore band with the hardest name to spell (Lycantophy? Lycanthroppy? Like-a-can-trophy?) They’ve also garnered a name for themselves as one of Central Europe’s tightest grind units, churning out razor burned metallic grindcore on par with groups like Death Toll 80K and fellow Czech’s Needful Things.

Latest Release?
On the Verge of Apocalypse out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Very interesting to hear a band like this actually EVOLVE their sound as this latest album has a bit more of a madcap powerviolence influence a la Afternoon Gentleman and Endless Swarm. The metallic brutality is still there but it’s inter-spliced with gonzo moments of gnarly punk riffage and Pee-wee Herman vocals. A surprisingly excellent turn for a band who could have just phoned it in.