Video Premiere: Angerot – “The Profound Recreant”

Back in March, Angerot issued one of 2023’s death metal albums to beat with The Profound Recreant. The band’s crushing crusade continues with a music video for the title track, available for your viewing pleasure here at Decibel. The video features an ornately headdressed regal figure with the band members arrayed around him in chains. There’s a few ways you could interpret this, though I like to think it’s symbolic of the band’s enthralled devotion to dark and heavy music.

Regardless, here’s how the band describes it:

“”The Profound Recreant” is probably the most brooding track from the new album. We knew we wanted to do a video for it before the album came out, but we were unsure what all that entailed at the time. We wanted it to be as unique as the song itself, and equally as dark, mysterious and majestic.”

They go on to say:

“This song ended up being the title track for good reason. We felt it created a mood that has the potential to take listeners to a very dark place. This song is about opening up and allowing for all of those dormant emotions to take life.”

The Profound Recreant is available now via Redefining Darkness Records. Check out the video for the title track below!