Video Premiere: Iron Altar – “Megalith”

Scotland’s Iron Altar is here with a new video for their song, “Megalith,” which blends death and sludge metal together into an irresistibly catchy jam. If you listen closely, you may hear subtle hints of 2000s metalcore tucked away in the sound as well. The song comes from their upcoming album, Promethean, and reaches us as they prepare for their upcoming gig at the Bloodstock Festival on August 13.

The video itself is a simple affair, putting the band on display with a shaky-cam that simulates a mosh pit–like experience. It gets the point across well enough, and definitely sells you on wanting to see the band tear it up on stage.

Promethean comes out on September 29 via Trepanation Recordings. Check out the video below for “Megalith.”