Full Album Premiere: Korroded – ‘Rudiment Butcher’

Rising from the bowels of this nation’s most vile and loathsome state, Tennessee’s Korroded have exploded onto the scene with a debut full-length of only the most kick-ass grindage this side of the Mississippi. Featuring former members of the equally vicious Reserving Dirtnaps, Korroded’s brand of grind is both visceral and vital, pummeling the listener with equal parts blasts, D-beats and unforgiving two-steps. 2023 has been an amazing year for grindcore and powerviolence already but the band’s brand new album, Rudiment Butcher still manages to standout for its intensity and violence.

The band has been kind enough to share the full thing right here for Decibel. Check it out, if you dare:

Rudiment Butcher is available June 22 across all streaming platforms, 12-inch vinyl and cassette from Wise Grinds Records.