Full EP Premiere: Maniak – Speed Metal Terrorist

Maniak isn’t messing around. The Swedish newcomers have blasted out of the gates of hell to reign blood, fire and death upon the world with pure mid-80s extreme metal worship. It’s with pride, therefore, that Decibel delivers the band’s new EP to you. Here is what the band had to say:

Speed Metal Terrorist is made of pure evil with raw riffs, barbaric drums and lyrics of terrorism. We wrote this EP to bring out the raw aggressive sound that very few bands do these days and to honor the bands that have inspired us like Bathory, Sodom and Sarcofago. Our goal is to terrorize the world with our music.”

Indeed, if you’re a fan of Bestial Devastation-era Sepultura, early German thrash, Hellhammer, and any other luminaries of the old ways, this quick blast of fury will be beyond satisfying. There’s zero pretension, filler or nonsense on this release — only a pure dedication to sonic violence and evil.

The EP will see an official release via Dawnbreed Records and De Nihil Records this Friday.